Rack Mounted UPS

Rack Mounted UPS

Rack Mounted UPS System for Hardware & Networking to Prevent of Power Loss

A Rack Mounted UPS system is a preferred UPS solution for hardware and networking systems for power backup in case of failure and to cool down the hardware. Such a system ensures that data loss is prevented in case of power loss or any type of system failure leading to power outage or fluctuations.

With multiple height and size options, you can ideally choose a custom rack mounted UPS as per your specific needs.

Today, we want to bring to your attention a rack mounted UPS system that is easy to use and provides robust power backup.

The Riello Sentinel Rack (SER) is a rack-mounted UPS System version of the popular Sentinel Pro range of online Uninterruptible Power Supplies. Advanced double conversion technology provides the highest levels of reliability and protection for critical servers, data processing IT systems, and telecoms networks.

Available in 1500VA and 3000VA versions, both products sit at just 380mm deep, making them the ideal choice to upgrade power in server rooms housing 600mm deep legacy racks.

This rack mounted UPS system is plug and play, so no complex installation required and the 3000VA version has a 6A charger that can be used with additional UPS battery backup to provide a longer runtime. Thanks to the use of high frequency components and load-based fan speed control, the noise produced by the UPS system is less than 40 dBA.

The Sentinel Rack Mounted UPS range has a deep discharge protection device to optimise battery life. Periodically the UPS system carries out a battery efficiency test (which can also be manually activated); its wide input voltage tolerance range helps to reduce UPS battery usage and maintain performance over time.


  • Rackmount UPS with simple plug and play installation 
  • Depth of just 380mm so ideal for upgrading legacy 600mm racks 
  • Compact design is ideal for Edge applications 
  • Reduce power consumption with ECO and Smart Active modes 
  • 5-year warranty provides additional peace of mind 

For more information about Riello UPS systems please get in touch with us.