Product Focus: Midtronics Stationary Power CELLGUARD GEN-3

Learn more about the Midtronics Stationary Power CELLGUARD SYSTEM-GEN-3 TELCO.

What Is It

Telecommunications Battery Monitoring with Patented Wireless Technology. CELLGUARD SYSTEM-GEN-3 TELCO provides 24/7/365, continuous critical power battery system monitoring specifically for Telecommunications applications.

Key Benefits

CELLGUARD SYSTEM-GEN-3 TELCO lowers total cost of ownership while providing the most thorough and easy to access stationary battery health diagnostics offering:

  • Accurate indication of battery state of health
  • Monitors and analyzes of battery voltage, temperature, and conductance
  • Detects specific battery deterioration and battery string failures
  • Provides detailed battery health status reports
  • Eliminates cost consuming maintenance programs
  • Provides local application access, real-time testing control & immediate battery health information
  • Battery state of health indicators are reported to a remote server with one way outgoing email, non-compromising security of local area network
  • Lowers cost of ownership from installation to product life cycle
  • Wireless sensors reduce time and cost of installation and maintenance
  • Eliminates the need for dedicated computers to monitor each battery cabinet

Ideal For

  • Telecom & DC Plants online

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