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UPS Systems Testing

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) systems and stationary batteries need to be regularly tested to determine their state of health. They also need to be housed in a clean, cool, dust free environment to enable them to fulfil their recommended design life.

The UPS PowerCare Inspection report combines detailed test findings with recommendations from our highly qualified technicians. The inspection will highlight the condition of the UPS system, capacitors, battery voltages, firmware and software logs, environmental issues and lifecycle management information. Compiled in an easy to view layout, the report is the perfect overview of the UPS system that has been tested.

Ensuring that your UPS systems, emergency standby equipment and backup batteries are regularly maintained is vital to ensure the integrity of supported equipment, should a mains power failure occur.

Our engineers are continuously trained and certified by UPS manufacturers, which enables us to provide expert recommendations regarding improved performance and obtaining the maximum operation from your UPS system and batteries.

“Power issues on site cause a third of outages on IT Networks.”

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