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UPS Battery Testing

To ensure that your UPS system is working correctly at all times it is important to have regular battery checks performed. At BCL Power our engineers are trained to perform routine battery maintenance including conductance, impedance and discharge testing.

“Battery failure is the cause of 50 to 70 percent of UPS outages.”

UPS batteries are inspected during the UPS preventative maintenance visit (PMV), we would recommend a full battery conductance test and torque check every 6 to 12 months for critical sites and applications. This would include the measurement and recording of every battery terminal voltage, the overall system voltage, ambient room temperature and battery temperature, battery conductance or impedance readings, AC ripple and current readings. Each battery case and cover will be checked for signs of leakage and terminals checked for signs of corrosion. All battery terminals would be re-torqued and inter-cell connections checked. The battery room will be reviewed for environmental conditions and cleanliness, each battery will be cleaned where needed.

The benefits UPS battery testing will help identify faulty or failing cells before they become an issue.

In addition to our standard battery testing, we also provide battery load bank testing. Load bank testing provides information on a battery’s autonomy and how your UPS batteries will perform under load without the risk to your critical equipment.

Battery Conductance Testing:
Battery conductance is a rapid and repeatable electrical measurement that determines the ability of a battery to transmit current readily through its internal electro-chemical structure. It provides a direct relationship to battery power parameters.

Battery conductance is measured by evaluating the voltage response to a small select frequency AC current signal briefly impressed on the battery. The resultant conductance measurement provides pertinent battery information without the need of bringing the battery to full discharge. As a battery discharges, its conductance and capacity are reduced with a simultaneous drop in power in a predictable manner due to the depletion of conductive active materials. Therefore, conductance is an indication of the batteries state-of-health as well as a function of the charge state of a battery.

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