Product Focus: Franklin Electric CELLTRON Smart Cable

Battery management and testing is critical for maintaining power integrity for telecom networks, data centers, and utility transmission and distribution systems. The SMART CABLE SYSTEM provides a simple means for ensuring a reliable and consistent test connection (regardless of technician experience), reduced error and re-work, and a method for transferring and keeping critical battery data on site and within the CELLTRAQ DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEM automatically.

Advantages of the SMART CABLE SYSTEM:

  • Eliminates human error in physical process of testing—no more test probe placement variation
  • Reduces/eliminates tester input parameter errors (reference value, nominal voltage, etc.)
  • Improves the accuracy of the testing since the history and baseline can be “permanently    attached” to the individual battery unit—each serial number can have its own unique value
  • Creates efficiencies in the test process—technician only connects the cable, does nothing else unless there is a battery fault, saving time and cost
  • Keeps battery history/positive ID/trends from cradle to recycling plant
  • Improves safety and reduces technician fatigue
  • Works hand-in-hand with a battery information database on a “plug and play” basis via USB, further highlighting the battery status from purchase contract, to manufacture, to install, to maintenance to decommissioning and recycling

Application compatibility

  • Telecom/DC Plants
  • UPS applications, including hard to access cabinets
  • Utility switchgear, cable pole tops, more!

To find out more about the Smart Cable system, contact us at BCL Power.