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Eltek Power Systems

Eltek is a world leader in high-efficiency power electronics and energy conversion and their Power Systems and Rectifiers perform well in a wide range of applications. Eltek has customers in more than 100 countries across a variety of industries including telecom, rail and infrastructure, power generation, power distribution and  solar energy. Eltek is a power pioneer with over 40 years experience helping customers save energy and money while reducing their environmental impact. They are passionate about leading the way in the power industry with their DC Eltek Power Systems and their ambition is to be unparalleled in meeting their customers’ needs for high-efficiency power conversion solutions that protect revenue-generating services and reduce energy consumption and the impact on the environment.





Eltek FP2 Emergency Power


The portable emergency unit is designed to be used in situations with main DC power failure, system replacement, battery replacement or maintenance. Its easy handling, durability and many configuration options should make this unit a must to all service staff.

The portable emergency unit is configurable with up to four Flatpack2 24V, 48V or 60V modules and one Smartpack controller.

All housed in a hard case with removable lids in back and front for maximum protection during transport. By removing the lids you have easy access to connections, modules, MCB and controller. Individual AC input feed and one protected DC output provides multiple connection options.

  • Easy to handle
  • Robust
  • Configurable with all Flatpack2 24V, 48V and 60V
  • Output power from 2kW to 12kW
  • Smartpack controller
  • Individual AC input feed
  • DC output busbars with lug connections
  • One negative DC output
  • Protected by 150A MCB
  • Extension alarm card

Eltek Flatpack2 Wallbox


The Flatpack2 Wallbox is built around the Flatpack2 rectifier. Depending on the rectifier selected, the system DC output can be one of the following: 24V/40-168 A,48V/15-83 A, 110V/10-34A.

Its compact design and simple installation make it a powerful wall mounted DC power supply package.The rectifier’s wide DC output range makes it suitable for parallel operation with all types of stationary batteries, including lead acid,or nickel cadmium types.

  • Compact design (W452 x D200 x H450mm)
  • Bulk-feed or integrated distribution
  • Digital controllers (3,2” TFT color display for excellent monitoring and regulation characteristics, including Ethernet and Web interface for remote monitoring)
  • Unique installability (removable front cover provides easy access for installation and connections)
  • CE marked, UL recognized for worldwide installation

Eltek Flatpack2 Integrated

The Flatpack2 2U Integrated has been specifically designed to meet the demand for higher density and more compact power solutions.It is suitable for applications needing an expandable, easily serviceable and reliable power supply, fitting within a minimal space.

  • Highest efficiency in minimum space
  • Digital controllers
  • Heat management
  • Unique connection
  • Global approvals

Eltek Flatpack S 48V 1U


Compact HE 1U power systems. Increasing network speed demands flexible and expandable DC power solutions. Due to its small size, high efficiency, reliability and wide range of communication, the Flatpack S System is the key for future needs. The shallow depth makes the system suitable for most cabinets and thereby excellent as a replacement unit.

  • Complete system
  • Smartpack S controller
  • Rectifiers
  • Battery distribution
  • Load distribution
  • 262 mm system depth
  • 1U height
  • Hot pluggable rectifiers
  • Hot pluggable controller
  • Advanced control and monitoring through ethernet port
  • 2R (40A)
  • Load options
  • 7 x 30AMCB drawer (optional LVLD)
  • 4 x 30A MCB front
  • 7 x 15A fuse front
  • 3R (100A)
  • Load options
  • 2 x 80A

Eltek Flatpack S 2U


This small power dense system is purely based on pluggable breakers and rectifiers and can easily be configured to fit your required application, even in field. The combination of Flatpack S HE rectifier and Smartpack S controller ensures safe, reliable and environmental friendly operation.

The shallow depth makes it suitable for most cabinets and excellent as a replacement unit. And as it is all based on the well proven Eltek technology, the Flatpack S family is the key for future needs.

  • Complete system
  • SmartpackS controller
  • High efficiency rectifiers
  • Battery distribution
  • Load distribution
  • 270 mm system depth
  • 2U height
  • Hot pluggable rectifiers
  • Hot pluggable controller
  • Advanced control and monitoring through ethernet port
  • 4 large breaker positions for battery and load
  • 10 x 30AMCB distribution
  • Push-in front connection
  • LVBD
  • LVLD (optional)

Eltek Large Power System 36


The Large Power System proves that Flatpack2 and DPR 6000 is the ultimate building block in any telecom application. The combination of a flexible design, power density and reliability makes the Flatpack2 and DPR 6000 a product family that truly stands outs and provides unparalleled network availability.

The versatility of the Flatpack2 and DPR 6000 rectifier means that it can be used in a wide variety of DC applications across the globe.

Eltek’s Large Power System can be equipped with either Flatpack2 2kW, Flatpack2 3kW or DPR 6000 rectifiers. Basic configuration with Flatpack2 2kW rectifiers is with six power shelves with the possibility to expand up to 12 (in steps of three).

Basic configuration with Flatpack2 3kW rectifiers is with three power shelves with the possibility to expand up to 9 (in steps of three). Basic configuration with DPR 6000 rectifiers is with two power shelves with possibility to expand up to 4 (in steps of one).

  • System monitoring
  • Flatpack2 modules
  • DPR6000 modules
  • Full height lockable door
  • Dummy panels and unit doors
  • Configurable mains input
  • Surge protection device
  • LVBD (Low Voltage Battery Disconnection)
  • LVLD (Low Voltage Load Disconnection)
  • Cabinet paraleling for expanded power or additional distributions

Eltek Rectiverter Power Core 18kVA 1ph or 3ph MB


The Rectiverter power core combines both AC and DC feed into one common unit. Simultaneously it provides AC backup power for 3-phase or single phase AC loads, and 48 Vdc power for DC loads and battery charging.

The total output power for booth AC and DC output is limited to max 24kW. AC and DC output limits can be set according to the attached load, where the limitation for AC load is set to max 18kVA and for DC load to max 14,4kW.

  • 230/400 Vac input/output
  • Three phase (y) input/output One phase input/output
  • 48 Vdc input/output
  • 24kW total AC + DC output
  • Max 18 kVA AC output
  • Max 14,4kW DC output
  • 1phase AC distribution option
  • 3phase AC distribution option
  • Built in manual bypass switch
  • Built in transfer technology
  • 150% overload capability, 15s
  • 600% quick trip current, 20ms
  • Hot pluggable
  • Smartpack2 controller

Eltek Network Utility


Professional administration of IP network connected power system controllers. The Eltek Network Utility (ENU) is an Eltek-designed PC application that simplifies and improves the administration of Eltek products with IP network connectivity. It includes several functions and features for effective setup of network parameters, controller firmware update and controller power system configurations.

  • Free Version:Broadcast search for devices in network to quick and easy find all controllers in network.Firmware upgrade of controller to keep all controllers up to date with latest functionality through remote upgrade.Setup of network parameters (IP Settings).Secure transfer of firmware.
  • Licensed Version:IP range search in network
  • Search in sub network
  • Store “recent search” IP ranges
  • Bulk firmware secure upgrade of controllers
  • Secure bulk configurations upload to controllers – XML file based

Eltek MultiSite Monitor


MultiSite Monitor (MSM) tracks the energy performance and status of all your sites. Access performance data that can be used to evaluate investments in hybrid DC power system and for marketing of site fleet’s reduced carbon emission.

The MultiSite software is a server-based tool that gathers statistical data from connected sites and store it in a database. The software also includes web pages for viewing the data from the database. The tool support up to 3000 connected sites.

Monitor the sites energy performance. The MultiSite software is a tool for monitoring multiple sites’ energy performance and status. The site owner gets access to performance data that can be used to evaluate investments in hybrid DC power system and for marketing of site fleet’s reduced carbon emission.

The instant status of sites makes MultiSite a 1st line site maintenance tool; whenever there is a site in alarm, it is easily seen in the map, the list and top bar. One click in the site’s details view will open the site’s web pages in a new tab for further investigation of the alarm.

  • SNMP Monitoring of 3rd party Power System controllers
  • SNMP trap receiver
  • Integration with 3rd party ticket system
  • Easy access through web browser for both clients and administrators
  • Client monitoring – not dependent on access to site network
  • Central database server holds statistical data, resulting in decreased browsing latency
  • Server to site data transfer through HTTP port 80
  • Fire-wall friendly (SSL on port 443 is fully supported)
  • Map view with comprehensive sites overview
  • Grouping of sites enables a greater overview
  • Supports up to3000 sites
  • Support FQDNAutomatic detection of underperforming sites
  • Use of battery, energy, generator and network connectivity
  • Comprehensive alarm views
  • Rolling alarm view, alarm details view and alarm ranking of sites
  • Set KPI targets and measure site energy and performance
  • E-mail reports
  • Allows for site specific IP cameras to be monitored through MultiSite Monitor
  • Remaining battery life and battery backup time
  • Grid availability

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