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About CSB Products

CSB Battery Technologies are a worldwide manufacturer of valve regulated lead-acid batteries, and are deployed globally for use in UPS, security , telecommunications, emergency lighting, and a wide range of other applications. As backup batteries, they can be used for portable equipment, and in office & factory automation. The battery can also work in conjunction with solar cells to make a decentralized power supply system. They are high performance, lightweight and small batteries, and the sealed construction eliminates the need to fill with water.





CSB GP Series

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A general purpose battery with a capacity range from 4.5Ah to 100Ah of 6V or 12V. Highly efficient, rechargeable, leak proof, maintenance free batteries, and rated for up to 5 years life in standby. With special formula to manufacture lead calcium alloy as well as automatic progresses, gassing will be less. Long life, low self-discharge rate and high reliability.

CSB HR Series

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A lightweight, smaller volume and high discharge efficiency battery with a capacity range from 18W/cell to 120W/cell of 12V battery for 15min-rate. With a high rate discharge, they highly efficient, rechargeable, leak proof and maintenance free batteries, with a design life up to 5 years in standby service. Also with 20% more energy density than same volume products at high rate discharge characteristics.

CSB UPS Series

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Uninterruptible Power Supply battery that uses wafer-thin plate technology to provide optimum high-rate performance. They are next generation, high-rate UPS, which are efficient, rechargeable, leak proof and maintenance free batteries. It’s range is from 240W to 580W of 12V battery for 5min-rate, rated for up to 5 years life in standby service.

CSB MSJ Series

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A single cell battery, which is ideal for very long life application. It has innovational Pb-Ca-Sn alloy to improve corrosive resistance and service life, with a capacity range is 150Ah to 1000Ah of 2V battery. This CSB Battery is maintenance free, rechargeable, highly efficient and leak proof, with 20 yrs design life in standby service at 25℃.

CSB TPL Series

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Telecom Power and Long life (TPL) series, which are specially designed CSB batteries for Telecoms applications. The range is from 80Ah to 150Ah of 12V battery for 8 hour-rate. It has a front terminal design, is lightweight, smaller volume, and a design life up to 12 years service.

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