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Project Description

Franklin Electric | Grid Solutions

CELLGUARD System-ELS+ Electrolyte Level Monitoring

The CELLGUARD SYSTEM ELS+ Electrolyte Level Monitoring System provides Reliable Electrolyte Level and Temperature Monitoring on Vented Lead Acid (VLA) batteries in Utility, Telecommunications, Data Centers, and Industrial Battery Plant applications.

  • Completely non-invasive to battery
  • Complies with NERC PRC-005 electrolyte level inspection requirements with 24/7 alarm reporting
  • Enhances operational safety with battery case temperature alarming in the event of abnormal battery thermal conditions
  • Modular quick connect cabling provides time saving installation without the need for a site survey
  • Alarms on low electrolyte levels, excessive battery case temperature, and power loss to the sensor
  • Can be integrated to commercially available data collection systems
  • Compatible with VLA Batteries of any voltage, size, or design