Battery Conductance Testing at BCL Power

Battery Conductance Testing Battery conductance is a rapid and repeatable electrical measurement that determines the ability of a battery to transmit current readily through its internal electro-chemical structure. It provides a direct relationship to battery power parameters. Battery conductance is measured by evaluating the voltage response to a small select frequency AC current signal briefly

2020 DNO Case Study

Working with our UK reseller Acutest this year, we have together provided new Celltron Advantage battery testers and training to a UK DNO (Distribution Network Operator). Making the switch to new battery testers for a maintenance team is not a regular change, meaning a number of factors are considered by the client when changing. Who

UK Power Cut Information

Many jobs are now being performed from home, allowing a large proportion of office-based workers to continue operation without necessarily needing a dedicated office space. However, without power this would not be possible. We are only capable of home working thanks to the internet, which, when the power goes down, is impossible to access. Therefore,

The power of Celltraq Enterprise

Enterprise Battery Asset Management As power reliability becomes more critical to telecommunications, data management, utility and other industries, management of batteries grows in complexity and importance. Uptime is a requirement; zero downtime is critical. CELLTRAQ SYSTEM addresses the growing importance of 24/7/365 operation and simplifies the process of battery maintenance and management. Application compatibility: Telecom &